Spearmint Magazine

❥ Roles
Print Design
Content Strategy

❥ Deliverables
60 page print magazine
Flat Plan
Business Plan

❥ Timeframe
15 weeks


Design and layout a 48+ page magazine. Figure out who the reader is and use that to help curate appropriate content and design the look and feel. Layout a Flat Plan to organize your content. Create a business plan and find revenue models.


Spearmint is a monthly print magazine targeted at creative women that are street-smart and independent, seeking inspiration from pop culture’s quirkier aspects. Spearmint is dedicated to uncovering the latest trends & creative talent.

Using bold yet feminine design, illustrations, + bright colours to create a positive mood. A simple grid layout layout design allows for the reader to absorb information without being overwhelmed.

I used advertisements that aligned with the look + feel of the magazine. Additionally a section at the front of the magazine called "Bibs & Bobs" is a paid for by sponsors under the recommendation of the magazine.

This was completed as a project while at Seattle Central Creative Academy

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